July 09, 2019

Introducing: Team Racing Dudes


Since David Trummer has been kicking ass at the latest World Cup races, voices have been getting louder asking who this guy is and where he's been all the time. As "Team Racing Dudes" sponsor we are happy to shed some light on the matter by introducing Erik, Pottie and David aka Team Racing Dudes. 


Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter and David Trummer are Team Racing Dudes, they’re competing at World Cups and other high profile downhill races around the world onboard the TUES 29. Erik and Johann have been travelling the world and racing as Team Racing Dudes for five years now. In January, they decided to extend their roster recruiting reigning Austrian Downhill Champion, David Trummer. Another team member is Lars Diedenhofen, founder of 70ID, who supports the team as a mechanic and with his painting skills. Lars was the man behind the custom YT frames for Rampage in 2018 and is THE MAN when it comes to custom paint jobs, as shown by the frames of the Racing Dudes.



The choice of the dudes: YT TUES 29

The guys are serious about downhill racing and for good reason they choose the TUES 29Made for full-on racing, it's the perfect bike for speed and stability and therefore the only option for the gnarly tracks these guys are racing on. The rest of the bike is complemented with SRAM drivetrain and brakes, Rockshox suspension and Truvativ cockpit, whilst wheels are provided by DT Swiss and Maxxis Tires for uncompromising performance.







Dude #1: Erik „Irm“ Irmisch


Irm has been one of the fastest downhill riders in Germany for over 10 years and is firmly rooted in the German MTB scene. He can look back on some successes in the iXS Downhill Cup and in 2018 he took part in Red Bull Hardline – a true life experience, as he says himself. In order to share his experience and his knowledge with ambitious young riders, he founded the West East Bike School together with Heiko Hirzbuch. In the camps, Irm not only helps the participants with riding techniques, but above all focuses on the fun aspect of Mountain biking that anyone can enjoy! The camps take place between races and during the off-season both in Germany and South Africa. "Good Times" are all inclusive! This spirit is why we love to have Irm in the YT Family. Since 2009 he has been on a YT and is an integral part of our bike development process. Whether TUES or JEFFSY: Irm is one of our riders that receives prototypes to put them through their paces and we make changes based on his feedback.




Dude #2: Johann „Pottie“ Potgieter


South African Johann „Pottie“ Potgieter and Irm primarily founded the team Racing Dudes to have a good time together on their YT bikes. Meanwhile, the two compete not only in competition for kebabs, but also in races such as the iXS Cup, where they recently shared the podium. Speaking of sharing: Pottie also actively promotes riding within the younger community, passing on his downhill experience at the West East Bike School camps in South Africa. Incidentally, Pottie runs his own coffee shop „Pottie‘s Coffee“ in Port Elizabeth.





Dude #3: David „Daveboy“ Trummer


Since January 2019, David Trummer, the reigning Austrian downhill champion, has competed for Team Racing Dudes. So far his World Cup season has been his best yet, finishing 15th in Maribor, 14th in Fort William and his latest result 7th in Andorra. With 4 World Cup races behind him David is sitting 16th in the overall, which is incredible and we can't wait to see what the second half of the season will look like for him. He brought his mechanic Jens „Jensen“ Prahlow along for the journey and has a high level of support both at the races and with training at home. Some of David's favorite tracks are still to come on the World Cup calendar, he’s fired up with plenty more in the tank.





Watch the Dudes in action here:


We are super stoked about the success of Team Racing Dudes, thankful for the support and looking forward to the upcoming races. Stay greedy, guys!


Photos by Rick Schubert

Video by Ralph Schupp