September 17, 2019

The YT Mob World Tour: Episode #4


Our third Young Talent Camp in Scotland attracted a lot of interest. More than 120 young riders applied to be part of the camp taking place in Fort William. 22 participants from twelve countries made the cut and were greeted by mentor and talent developer Martin Whiteley and his crew.




The sacrifice it takes


These kids share the same dream of becoming an elite athlete. It’s a dream of the top of the podium, thousands of people cheering you on. It’s a dream of glory. The rewards of an outstanding athletic career include admiration from fans and other athletes, access to social opportunities as well as valuable career opportunities and reaching the pinnacle of their sport. But if such undertaking was easy, every athlete would do it.







Talent alone is not enough to make it to the top. Athletes, dominating their sport, make daily sacrifices to get to this point of success were they can harvest what they have trained for.


 „Talent is a nice foundation to have, but talent means nothing without hard work and sacrifice. You will never reach the very top of downhill mountain bike racing without 100 % dedication and hard work.“

– Markus Flossmann, CEO YT Industries





Focusing on one thing brings sacrifice with it. Elite athletes dedicate their lives to sport. They train extensively for years, mostly decades, often making extensive personal sacrifices in order to pursue their dreams of glory. This includes making financial sacrifices, moving away from friends and family, calling time on their academic studies and travel a lot. Trying to become a professional downhill racer might also mean sacrificing health when pushing the limit. A life style that differ from a regular daily routine especially when talking about young talents like those in our camp.





In Fort William we also had the chance to get to know the parents of some of the talents sending it down the World Cup track. What does sacrifice mean for the Young Talents and their families? Becoming an athlete costs time and money, from buying equipment to paying for coaching, a trainer and travel costs to races.




 „I think there is a lot of sacrifice as a family as well. At the end of the day they sacrifice holidays, time and money. I think as an athlete you need that support. I am pleasantly surprised with how great the parents here have been with their kids. They are fully supportive and understand their role; a supporting, loving parent that goes through thick and thin.“

– Martin Whiteley, YT Mob Team Owner




We are glad so many families supporting their kids in following their dream of becoming a professional downhill racer and can’t wait to see what Young Talent Camp No. 4 holds for us. Get even more impressions of our Young Talent Camp in Scotland in the fourth episode of the YT Mob World Tour video series:


Episode #4


Photos by Isac Paddock

Video by Knowmad Development