March 08, 2016

Who is JEFFSY?


With the slogan #IHATEJEFFSY we are currently promoting our latest campaign. We have been pretty restrained on giving out any information about our newest coup. The hate-slogan in combination with some furious-looking ladies is definitely raising a lot of questions. One thing is certain though: On April 7, 2016 the big news will be revealed. The countdown until the date has started on

“I really hate JEFFSY”. There could not be a more shattering judgment. On you can get ready for the launch of something huge. Usually, we send across nothing but chilled vibes with our Good Times attitude, however with JEFFSY we seem to unleash a rather unpopular object into the mountain bike world. During the video-interview, sweet Sidney explains why she hates JEFFSY’s guts. Since JEFFSY showed up, it has clearly been going downhill with her boyfriend because he rather spends his free time with JEFFSY than with her. Obviously, frustration is inevitable and she is definitely sick and tired of it. However, her boyfriend Trent can’t stop thinking about his new best buddy JEFFSY: All or nothing, exploring the unknown, overcoming obstacles, being on tour together and just having a good time – sounds quite like the best friend ever. 

If you like to participate in the HATE-LOVE debate, you can do so by posting a photo and using the hashtags #IHATEJEFFSY or #ILOVEJEFFSY on Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook timeline. We will elect the best post and a JEFFSY will be raffled as first prize.  

On the 7th of April, YT will reveal the secret about the love-hate relationship about JEFFSY. Stay tuned! More information about JEFFSY can be found on 


The official #IHATEJEFFSY Video