May 20, 2016

We expand our presence globally



Going from strength to strength in Europe, North America and Australasia we are getting a lot of attention from other parts of the world. Our team has worked hard to bring our bikes to the furthest reaching countries and we are selling now in every continent.

In just eight years we developed from a small German start-up into an international brand. In 2015, we stepped into new markets by joining forces with partners in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Norway. Just one year later, sixteen new countries were being added to the list of our international markets. “We won’t stop there and are constantly looking for new business partners worldwide who can live, breathe and ride YT.”, says Duncan McCann, our International Sales Manager. 

As the global demand for our bikes continuously increased, the decision was made to establish a partner network which handles the distribution of the bikes to the most remote corners of the world. Our new partners will operate from their local office, but the bikes will continue to be sold through our website as it enables to hold our outstanding price/ performance ratio. To factor in the import costs and duties, the prices are in local currency. 

YT’s CEO Markus Flossmann is proud of the whole team and the joint success: “We want our motto “Good Times“ to be known all over the world because even after eight years of rapid development it is still what drives us every day and influences all of YT’s actions”. 

The list of international partners is growing steadily and can be found on Company – YT Worldwide.