September 05, 2016

Aaron takes the World Cup overall



What an amazing end of this year’s World Cup season: After an exciting race, Aaron Gwin is celebrating his overall win in Andorra. For us, as a World Cup newbie, it’s the first title ever - a good reason to pop the corks and celebrate our successful debut. 

It was an exciting season until the very end. To the deep layer of dust on the technically demanding track in Andorra heavy rain set in and the level of difficulty rose. After the qualifying on Friday Aaron’s overall win wasn’t 100% sure at this time, as his competitor Danny Hart theoretically could have taken it during finals. However, to get the title Aaron just had to cross the finish line in one piece. 




So downhill pro Aaron brought down a safe run. When he finally crossed the finish line, the win of the World Cup 2016 was clear: Aaron Gwin took his fourth overall World Cup title! Unfortunately, teammate Angel Suarez had missed the finals as he didn’t manage to qualify. He finishes the 2016 season in 65th position in the overall ranking. 

By signing Aaron and the YT Mob, a dream came true for us. Confident about the quality of our bikes we sent the TUES on the roughest tracks of the world without any special modifications and surprised the whole downhill scene. In its very first year, the TUES already won a World Cup overall title.   




"To be honest, we can’t even believe it. The YT Mob did a great job this year, we are super stoked", our CEO Markus Flossmann said. "I'm very proud of Aaron and the entire team. Besides that, I also want to thank our R&D team, who developed an amazing out-of-the-box bike that is capable to win a World Cup and is also available for the customers”. Stefan Willared, Chief Technical Officer at YT, is already thinking of higher levels: “We definitely won’t rest on these laurels and we’ll work closely with Aaron and Angel to develop an even better bike.” 

Quite exciting times for us. Be sure that the successful entry into the World Cup is celebrated properly now in Forchheim. Cheers.