March 07, 2017


This is the last part of Erik Irmisch's road trip. Last stop: Barcelona. 

After the intensive training session in Italy, the guys headed off to Spain (they were up with the sun!). Ahead of them, a 10-hours drive. It’s a long way to go and a long way from home, but they were rewarded with incredible views of the many beautiful landscapes along the journey. When they arrived, they arranged to meet up at La Poma Bike Park, which was buffed out to a shine. After a few hot laps, it was time to check out the home of Bienve, Adolf, and Andreu. The guys showed their local riding spots on their CAPRA and TUES. They had a great time together, and they also took the opportunity to build up two fresh new TUES for Andreu – not forgetting to enjoy the odd evening beer or two. All in all it was a great trip with awesome weather, excellent food, and good training for the upcoming season. Thanks to Andreu, Bienve, Luis, Adolf, Lisa and all the other locos who came to hang out. Your hospitality is very much appreciated!