April 06, 2017

It was a blast!


After a week and a half of heavy rain, baking sunshine, racing, spectating and overall good times, Crankworx Rotorua 2017 came to an end last Sunday.  

Most of the media gave it the nickname ‘Wetworx’ for good reason, with the first few days filled with dark clouds and to the fear of many was initially forecast to be wet for the entirety of the event! The rain came down in sporadic bursts during the EWS, with the slick natural terrain causing absolute havoc for most of the riders, but allowing the local talent to really shine in the tough conditions. This wet weather culminated on the first public day of Wednesday the 29th, with heavy downpours coming down most of the day, and high winds making it hard to find shelter even under the tents. It was surprising then to see the number of enthusiastic locals and visitors alike coming through the gates, covered by umbrellas and ponchos, set to enjoy the festival and stalls even if the Air DH and Whip-Off had to be postponed.  




Luckily by midday Thursday the weather began to change. The forecast became more optimistic as the week progressed, and in the end the sun came out enough to warrant steady reapplications of sunblock. The slick-but-drying tracks made for some excellent racing in the end, and the postponement of the whip-off allowed for possibly the most spectacular event yet, held under the lights with riders dropping in until 9pm. The local crew of YT riders did well in the various events, and it was fantastic to see Cam Zink and his young pair of ‘Bubba’ Warren and Trevor Boldi getting stuck into the events as well. Cam’s poster and Frisbee signing session proved to be particularly popular, even if some of the younger riders weren’t old enough to have witnessed some of Cam’s greater feats! Brett Tippie was another welcome sight all week, the new Director of Good Times always followed closely by smiles and laughter. 



The YT stall was full of life all week, with people very interested to check out some of the new range 2017 bikes , along with a few other stall holders stopping by to get their daily fix of Supreme Coffee or Red Bull. It was good to see our two Jeffsy 27’s proving very popular, with many interested in the possibilities our new all-purpose trail bike opens up. We got some overwhelmingly positive feedback from our ever-growing group of Jeffsy 29 customers, and our mainstays the Tues and Capra remain highlights of our range. 






The YT Mob spec Tues CF Pro Race drew in the crowds all week, the new ‘liquid metal’ paint scheme in particular catching the eye of most who came in. It was also a nice touch to be able to represent the Kelly McGarry Foundation, selling McGazza shirts and stickers to help fund trail development and support people in getting out and enjoying life just as Kelly used to.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat, the people are what really makes Crankworx so enjoyable. While it’s been a long and tiring week we’re already looking forward to next year!


Ride on,



((All pics by Sebastian Schieck))