August 08, 2017

Legendary! Gwins Run in MSA


This was a very well-deserved victory! In a spectacular run, Aaron Gwin takes his 18th World Cup win in his career. The latest episode of “Tales of the Mob” sums up perfectly how that special weekend went for the whole team. 

The Downhill World Cup race in Mont Sainte-Anne couldn’t have been more thrilling. Just when the top riders went up to the start, heavy rains set in and the track turned into a soaked and muddy field. Australian Dean Lucas had set a remarkable time and occupied the Hot seat for a long time. A new best time seemed impossible. When Aaron Gwin entered the track as last rider, it quickly became clear: He’s out for killing it! During his run all split times showed green best times and he once again made the impossible possible: Aaron Gwin takes a another sensational World Cup win! That was a mere unbelievable run. 

The Canada episode of „Tales of the Mob“ is online now and sums up the whole weekend – a rad track and a legendary run! Have fun watching it.







((Pics by Isac Paddock + Fraser Britton))