March 09, 2018

Rolling Circus Tour 2018



Experience JEFFSY, CAPRA, and TUES in the wild: the Rolling Circus is once again about to hit the road, hauling a loaded test fleet on an impressive tour of the most popular bike parks and festivals – all so that riders from around the world will get a chance to test ride the latest YT bikes, meet the Goatman and get to know the YT Family.   

It’s the year of the goat, so it goes without saying that testing the new CAPRA is high on many a wish list. Do you seek to make a pact with the Goatman? The Rolling Circus 2018 tour is the chance to test the new goat in our stable beforehand.

There will be plenty of opportunities to visit an event between March and December 2018, as we pitch our tent at the biggest bike parks, trail centers, and bike festivals in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, South America and Oceania. Highlights include stops at the Crankworx events in Rotorua and Whistler, a tour of the UK as well as the European season opener at the Riva Bike Festival. All these locations offer the perfect conditions to appreciate the performance of a YT bike.

The main event of the European part of the tour will undoubtedly be the YT Family Reunion at the Osternohe Bike Park, where we will celebrate our tenth birthday. This will be an unforgettable opportunity for all our fans to test bikes, shred with the YT Mob or chat with the YT brass over a beer.

Depending on the tour stop, JEFFSY, CAPRA, and TUES will be available to test in all sizes and models. Our service crew will provide expert advice as always, while signing sessions and small talk with our team riders ensure that Good Times are had by all. The YT Family is fired up for the new season and is looking forward to making each tour stop a successful event together with its visitors. Incidentally, testing a bike is free of charge and does not require advance registration: first come, first served is how they roll!

More information and updates can be found on here.