July 02, 2018

Family Reunion 2018

What a weekend! We know how to party and PLAY hard

Why can’t just every family meet up be like the YT Family Reunion? Throughout the year we plan and organize the YT Family Reunion to make it the highlight of the year for our employees, team riders and customers. And then we watch history repeating itself: our employees, team riders and customers make the YT Family Reunion an absolute highlight of the year for US. We’ve continued with the tradition in 2018. We are still stoked about the crazy weekend in Osternohe, our memorable 10 year birthday party and still feeding of tons of memories …



From Aaron Gwin to Brett Tippie: our team riders were represented in Osternohe and happy to chat with fans and enjoy a few laps in the bike park. When do you ever get the chance to shred the trails next to the reigning Downhill World Cup champ? That's exactly what our YT fans thought, as already an hour before the official start a crowd of people gathered in front of the YT Rolling Circus counter. Their goal: getting hold of a YT demo bike and spending some #GoodTimes on the trails. Our Rolling Circus Crew worked their butts off to give as many customers as possible the chance to test a YT – including detailed advice, expert setup and goodie bags, of course.

On the trail chances were good to meet our team riders Ace Hayden, Brett Tippie, Bryan Regnier, Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter, Richie Schley, Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally and Angel Suarez. They boys were on fire and impressively demonstrating what’s possible when riding a YT. While waiting at the lift or taking a break in between, autographs were signed and of course there was enough time for tech talk and photo sessions with our riders. This laid back and familiar feeling is the reason why our riders enjoy the Family Reunion as much as we do.

After biking everybody recharged their empty batteries with burgers, fries, cookies and coffee – all served by various food trucks. Energy was for sure needed, as at 4pm the living pun gun and epitome of talkmaster skills – Brett Tippie himself – grabbed the microphone to host this year's Bunny Hop Contest. The game was on! Even the YT MOB couldn’t resist to give it a try. Neko even set the record with 95cm on his TUES – of course, out of competition. In the end, Young Talent Daniel, now officially bunny-hop-approved, took the jackpot of a 100 Euro voucher, a cap and a t-shirt.
























If you were looking for a bike for more demanding tricks than a Bunny Hop, you had the chance to check out our new carbon full suspension slopestyle bike PLAY. Launched just the day before, we simply had to bring our Heritage version of the PLAY to Osternohe and introduce it to the public. The full suspension bike is made of carbon and truly demonstrates what’s possible with this material. Our rider, Bienve has already shown how to PLAY hard, by doing the first Double Front Flip ever on his PLAY. As the new bike unites our roots in the Dirt category with our progressive development work, there was no better opportunity than our 10 year anniversary to celebrate the PLAY. It’s limited to 25 pieces and exclusively sold in Europe – better buy fast!





As the sun slowly set on Saturday evening, we looked back on an incredibly funny and successful first day of the YT Family Reunion. And Sunday was on fire for sure as well.

Alle Bilder von: Isac Paddock.