December 11, 2018

Tippie & Schley: Shredding in Utah


The perfect post Rampage mission, something that should be on most peoples bucket list, Tippie, Schley & photographer Ale travelling Utah in a car, Albeit a squeeze. Every location they travelled to saw them un-packing & re-packing their bikes into bike bags, maybe an RV would’ve been more practical? Utah, a state renowned for incredible trails, but why let yourself be confined to a route? Tippie & Schley are known for free-riding, they’re perspective on riding through this trip captured by Ale is one to witness! After shooting some iconic and legendary spots that everyone had on their list, we asked them to pick their favourite moments from the trip. Below delve into some amazing photography (& riding) chosen by Tippie & Schley highlighting their favourite times on their latest adventure.


Welcome to Utah! We had a rental truck that couldn't fit our fully built bikes and our gear, so we had to assemble and disassemble our bikes every time we changed location. It was worth it though because every location was magical!


Freedom Way, All three of us have lived our whole lives to have freedom, so this street was perfect for our crew. Just look at the riding photos that follow to see this.


No chair-lifts or shuttle buses just good ol’ 2 wheel drive, keeping spirits high with the endless humour from Tippie, we call it character building.





The terrain and texture of the dirt in Utah is amazing! There are so many rolls, walls, chutes, drops, faces, ridges, valleys, and natural character to the landscape that it's hard to know where to begin to shred it with your bike! You have to start somewhere, and we started with this slash! Its the perfect dirt for carving, just like powder.

"I was a pro snowboarder once, and Richie was a pro skier long ago, and this is just like going back in time and shredding snow!” – Tippie





"One of the scarier lines I have ridden. Been wanting to get there for 10 years to hit it." – Schley


Don't look left, don't look right, don't skid, don't worry about the gusty wind...Do have a good time!! This was a gnarly one you had to roll into the steepest crux part blind and exposed. It took some time and nerves to descend down to the sweet spot not locking up your tires, and then you had to let it roll and go with the speed missing the cracks in the rock on the outrun. If you did all of that, it was line...and fun!


Not everyday was blue skies and dreamy trails, we’d been happy if we could see the landing on this feature!


My favourite tricks have always been left and right turns and I dream about slashing brown pow like this!


When life hands you lumens, go night riding! Getting a little extra bonus riding in before we left Utah to fly home. 


Tippie, the un-crowned king of ‘Dad’ jokes - “Arch you glad we rode in Utah? Yes, I am!"


Generally the situation when hangin with Tippie



This trip was a blast, really just a couple of knobs in the Utah desert!



All shots by Ale Di Lullo.