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  • TUES 27 CF Pro Race
  • TUES 27 CF Pro
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  • TUES 27 AL Base

Style meets confidence
Like no other bike, the TUES embodies what YT is all about: Gravity genes. We have developed it further in close cooperation with the YT MOB and we have incorporated feedback from the toughest race tracks in the world. The result is a ruthless machine with racing DNA, which combines massive potential for speed with maximum control to satisfy the most demanding of racers. With two World Cup overall titles behind it, the TUES is bursting with self-confidence. Just how capable it is, our five team riders have once again proven at the 2018 edition of Rampage. The TUES has them to thank for its freeride attitude and of course its style factor. In the bike park, you won’t only be the one everybody is looking at, you’ll also be the one having the most fun.

Bikefinder Downhill

„The Tues has been one of our benchmark bikes of all time.“

Steve Jones, Dirt 100 2015

Whether you’d rather get rowdy on a carbon or an aluminum bike is entirely up to you. The aluminum TUES is no less remarkable than its carbon brother.

Our carbon frames deliver ideal stiffness and ultimate reliability at impressively low weight. Using a monocoque production technique, tube walls get extra thickness only where required to resist the intense forces in critical areas. By using fibers of different strengths and optimizing the layup, we create stiff yet lightweight frames that withstand even the gnarliest of maneuvers. Carbon frames form the core of our PRO models, which also feature the finest components.

The AL models were made specifically for lovers of high-quality aluminum bikes, but the first-class material quality, distinctive design and impressive component specification make it the first choice for many more. The aluminum models are based on the very same frame platform and kinematics as the carbon versions. The elaborately designed frame sets new standards in aluminum workmanship: the multi-butted, hydroformed tubes not only keep weight down and strength up but embody the look of a true YT.

While designing the new TUES we paid particular attention to synchronizing every suspension element to work together as one: frame kinematics, hydraulic damping curves, and spring force. The frame stands out thanks to its generous reach, exemplary stiffness and low center of gravity. Good times ahead with either the carbon or the aluminum version!

The low BB lets you really push into the berms to fly down the bike park. Our in-house developed V4L suspension technology ensures sensitivity off the top, a smooth and linear mid stroke and plenty of progressivity at the end of the travel to avoid bottoming out needlessly. Gnarly gaps and big drops are child’s play for the TUES. Additionally, V4L gives the bike its incredible grip, helping it stick to the ground like velcro – but it still has enough pop to get airborne easily.

“The TUES is super well rounded, a comfortable bike that is stable at World Cup speed while maintaining the playfulness that makes the bike so fun to ride.”

"The YT TUES is honestly the best free ride weapon I've ever touched. With it's incredibly progressive frame design, it allows me to drop massive lines at Redbull Rampage, or just mess around on jump trails. With riding a small frame, it easily spins or flips. It really is the perfect freeride bike. "