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An E-MTB from YT? Seriously? Those don’t go together. Forget about it!
Whoever thinks that E-MTBs are for old or lazy people has really missed the boat. E-MTBs are a new breed of mountain bikes and they are incredibly fun to ride, and for that reason alone they are a perfect fit for YT. Our DECOY lets you go further and discover new trails that you would never have ridden before, and it also lets you really make the most of your time on the bike – all of which means more fun. Because riding E-MTB is like riding downhill with a built-in lift. With one major difference: riding uphill is far more fun than just sitting in the lift chair, and even the flattest trails now mutate into downhill sections.

With the integrated battery, the proportionate frame tubing and a small, unassuming display, you can join any group of mountain bikers without sticking out like a sore thumb. If all this sounds too good to be true, or if maybe you don’t believe us, just take a look at the edits from one of our team riders. No words needed!

Bikefinder E - Enduro

27,5"& 29"

Best of both wheels

Just like on a motocross, our DECOY makes use of two different wheelsizes on the same bike – the best of two worlds. The 27.5” rear wheel is fitted with a 2.8” tire that can be run with lower pressure without becoming unstable, which creates a larger contact patch that in turn generates massive grip. Up front, the 29” wheel with its 2.4” tire is sharp and direct enough to let you carve through every turn with precision. We promise, with our DECOY you will master climbs that you have never even attempted with another mountain bike.

But that is not all. An E-MTB from YT must first and foremost be able to prove itself worthy of its downhill genes. That's why, just like on all our bikes, we rely on our proven and award-winning V4L (Virtual 4 Link) rear suspension linkage that literally sticks your bike to the ground, but still has enough pop to launch off every root and enjoy the airtime. The 165 mm of rear travel combined with our new-school geometry creates a trail weapon with extra power, the likes of which you have never seen before.

The DECOY combines the unlimited on-trail performance of a YT with the advantages of electrical assistance. With E-MTB optimized kinematics, a balanced geometry and an integrated Shimano motor this newly developed frame serves up an agile ride. Out back, we rely on our award-winning, low leverage ratio Virtual 4 Link suspension technology that is supple off the top, supportive at mid-stroke and plenty progressive at end-stroke.

Additionally, we have minimized the pedal kick-back to avoid any negative influences on the suspension action. The highly functional frame design also scores extra points in the looks department thanks to the fully integrated battery and motor. Features like internal cable routing, double-sealed bearings and integrated frame protectors underline our high quality standards and help increase the service life of the DECOY.

“I forgot I´m riding an E-Bike. I don’t need another bike anymore!”