October 15, 2015

YT Rampage Reporter – Spinning Yarns & Lending a Hand

The front line –that was an understatement… this place is insane! We cracked into the first day on set at Rampage fresh and early. Dragged the YT Trailer up the gnarly road to base camp and set up YT HQ.



With the trailer parked (by the farm boy himself) and tent pitched, Cam Zink and I headed up into the theatre that will be Rampage to pack some landings, water some lips and speed check some of Cam’s new lower sections. Cam is super chilled and seemed happy with his line, even after the morning's news of the competition being brought forward a day due to a storm pending this weekend.




After 7322 steps on my Strava, we wound our way up the mountain via goat like tracks to take in what is truly a breathtaking location! Everywhere you looked there were build crews hard at work polishing their riders line, media swarming to athletes arriving on the course and jump entries lined with photographers as they sessioned sections of the hillside.



The afternoon consisted of catching up with Kelly McGarry for a good laugh with him and his dig crew. In behind a trail tool, I helped in moving some dirt on a contingency line for Kelly’s mid course drop. Then as the sun went down the riders came out to play… In true form, confidence grew, jumps were sent and tricks were flowing. An amazing evening to simply chill and spectate, as you looked around and watched rider after rider descend down their line and calming the nerves on a few feature jumps.



To leave you with what I thought was an intriguing note from being on the ground at Rampage today; How open all the riders are about being scared… this blew me away! It’s one thing to be scared, but to actually admit it is another.




Jordy Whelan (NZL)
Rampage Reporter – with Young Talent