Erik Irmisch

Erik Irmisch

„Downhill racers aren’t Kamikaze pilots. I wish more people would start to accept that”

Erik Irmisch comes from the serene city of Lössnitz, in Germany, and has been riding for YT Industries since 2010. This downhill wizard has bagged a ton of top 5 finishes in German Cups and European Downhills; success that has not tempered his modest, mellow manner. That said his riding style is the exact opposite of his personality, so he is the main test rider for all our prototypes; if there are any kinks in our build he blows it to bits. But if a test bike can survive the “Irm” then it can survive anything and is ready for production.

YT Family member since:
Home trail:
Klínovec, Czech Republic
Favourite bike park:
Bike Park Spizak, Czech Republic
Home base:
Lössnitz, Germany
Body height:
Body weight:
73 kg
Favorite beer:


Erik, the full on DH racer rides a TUES in size M with a RockShox Boxxer World Cup, which he sets up together with SRAM to his personal needs. So he rides a lower volume in the air chamber, which leads to a higher endprogression. Additional to that the fork is very stiff with a fast rebound to keep the wheel on the ground even with carrying a lot of speed. The low- and highspeed compression is set in a fair middle range to have enough resources at big drops and jumps. The rear suspension is a little softer than the front, whereas it is still very stiff compared to normal hobby riders. Build in is a RockShox Vivid with a 250 titanium spring. The highspeed compression is opened by 3 clicks.